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Hello, I'm Donna

Everybody needs a helping hand sometimes.

Growing your business is a journey filled with unique and exhilarating challenges. However, not all challenges are equally thrilling – especially when they involve numbers and dollar signs.

I use all my combined knowledge, experience and expertise gained as serial entrepreneur. Along with being recovering CPA.

It is my understanding that most business owners may not have the same passion for numbers that I do. That's why I am here to offer dedicated support to take the pain away.

With a little bit of knowledge in a language you understand, you can embrace the power of knowing your numbers.

Really Knowledge is Power.

As your strategic partner, I'll help you set up, organize, and streamline your finances, so you can achieve profitability and sustainability without losing focus on your zone of genius.

My success is empowering your success as you pursue your remarkable vision.

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Donna Reade
My Story

I use the QuickBooks Online platform to assist you with making key financial decisions.


Who I Work Best With 

E-commerce Entrepreneurs
  • Shopify Stores - including using Paypal, Amazon Pay, etc.
  • Sell on Amazon.
  • Use Square, Stripe, and other payment platforms.
  • Selling Retail and Wholesale.
  • Inventory / Cost of Goods Sold issues.
  • And more.
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Freelancers | Consultants | Influencers 
  • Organization of your financial data
  • Help with getting paid from your clients
  • Systemize bill paying
  • Create reporting customized in your language to benefit your business 
  • Managing your cash flow
  • And more.
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Bookkeeping Professionals

Individual coaching, training, and mentoring.

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Helping "Numberphobic" Business Owners grasp numbers, minus the confusing accounting jargon.

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