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Hello, I'm Donna Reade

Entrepreneur | Solo Virtual Bookkeeping Business Owner | Content Creator

This is my Story

I am a serial entrepreneur and recovering CPA who took my combined knowledge of accounting, business and business ownership along with embracing technology to create a forward thinking Solo Virtual Bookkeeping Business.


My path started with a paper route at the age of 12. Yes this was in the days before the internet existed.


At 16 I got a job at a local McDonald’s and that began the path towards learning about how to run businesses. Eventually earning an accounting degree.


After working with a McDonald’s Franchisee for 20 years in many capacities at the corporate level I  started a career as a Regulatory Accountant and worked with a Fortune 500 title insurance company preparing regulatory accounting statements for various title insurance companies around the country.


Ready to strike out on my own I started up and bought businesses in IT, Printing, Dry Cleaning, Auto Repair and several others. Some were great successes and some were epic failures.


In 2015 I took all of my combined knowledge, experience and expertise and formed a Solo Virtual Bookkeeping Business. 


Today I take a client-centered approach to my work, taking the time to understand the unique needs and goals of each business owner that I serve. I speak Business Owner & CPA.


I am dedicated to providing personalized service and building long-term relationships with my clients.


I enjoy collaborating with other Entrepreneurial minded business owners along with Accounting and Bookkeeping professionals. 


In addition to running my Solo Virtual Bookkeeping Business I mentor aspiring bookkeepers who want to create their own Solo Virtual Bookkeeping Businesses so they can build their own version of success.

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