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Join a Mastermind Group to Gain Focus

The concept of the “Mastermind” was formally introduced by Napoleon Hill in his timeless classic, “Think And Grow Rich,”. Hill’s book recounts how many successful business people rely on a small, tight-knit group of advisors to help them build their businesses.

However, Mastermind Groups have been around since the beginning of time. History is full great achievers who have built mastermind groups. Jesus Christ had a mastermind team of twelve apostles. Benjamin Franklin formed a weekly discussion known as Junto with twelve men who shared his drive for learning and conversation. The result of this group led to a library, a college, the U.S. post office, Philadelphia’s fire department, mutual insurance and Philadelphia’s city water works. C.S Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, Charles Williams and others know as the Inklings met on Thursday evenings in the late 1930’s thru early 1940’s at Oxford’s Magdalen College rooms to read aloud from their works, discuss philosophy and exchange ideas. As a result many literally works were published including, C.S. Lewis’s “Out of the Silent Plant”, J.R.R. Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings” and Charles Williams’ “All Hallows Eve”.

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Do You Need a CPA? Find Out How to Choose the Right One

Every business, regardless of size, needs a trusted advisor to help with the planning and achievement of financial goals. Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) have the advanced training and experience necessary to advise on a variety of tax matters.

Among their other qualifications, CPAs must pass a rigorous state examination, and keep their knowledge up to date by completing a requisite number of continuing education hours each year.

Why Your Business Needs More Than a Bookkeeper
Many small business owners are unclear where a bookkeeper’s role ends and a CPA kicks in. So let’s take a brief look at their professional responsibilities:

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HATERS GONNA HATE! So what do WE do about it?

A couple years ago I was hired by the owners of IT Company to help them get their operations systematized.  During the time I worked with the owners their only sales person decided he did not like the changes.  As a result he would personally attack me during meetings. This was not my first time having to deal with people that did not want to change. So I would let him rant, ask him if he was finished, thanked him for his opinion and proceeded with the meeting agenda. The hate continued beyond the meetings and at one point he wrote a four page letter with what I was told more personal attacks. He emailed the letter not only to me but to the owners, the other employees, the HR consulting firm, clients and others he thought he could rally for his opinion. The point is that this person clearly wanted to project their insecurities, their negativity and their fears onto me.

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Increase Efficiency & Cut Costs by Going Paperless

From ATMs to mobile apps, sophisticated digital technologies and internet services allow us to live virtually paper-free! Happily, it’s possible to introduce that same level of paperless convenience into your own business platform. Manual transactions and documentation are inefficient and costly. But cloud computing, digital document management, and other forms of office automation are making it relatively easy for companies to benefit from a paperless workplace.

While it would be rare to eliminate all paper from the typical office environment, the more of your workflow you can automate, the better off both the environment and your bottom line will be.

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