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3 Things That Terrify Small Business Owners

Fear dashes many dreams.

You probably felt at least some of it as you considered whether to start your own company. But you did it anyway.
Still, there are critical tasks you have to take on as a business owner that can be downright scary, especially if they are outside your area of expertise. Whether you’ve been operating for six months or 10 years, you may always feel just a little queasy when you have to take them on. Here are three of the most nerve-racking fears that small business owners face and what you need to know about them.

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3 Year-End To-Do’s for Your Small Business

This is the perfect time for small business owners to take stock of business and make some time-sensitive decisions.

The earlier you assess your business year, bookkeeping, and record keeping, the more likely you can enjoy a relaxed holiday season and financially sound new year. Here are three moves to make before ringing in 2019.

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Avoid Expensive Small Business Mistakes

Avoid expensive small business mistakes

Within ten years of starting, nearly 75% of small business will fail, so it’s easy to understand why small businesses cannot make expensive mistakes. Generally speaking, a lot of owners will have to shut the doors due to a lack of cash. A quarter of them will shut the door before the end of year one and close to 50% will leave the market before the end of year three.

Bookkeeping can help save small business owners from this problem.

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