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Think And Grow Rich

Okay so this book has been around for years and there is a reason.

It is the guidebook on setting and resetting your thinking around running any business.

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Atomic Habits

This book is really a roadmap for building not only a sustainable Solo Virtual Bookkeeping but building a life of intention. 

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The E-Myth Revisited

This is an essential book especially for bookkeepers looking to start their own Virtual Bookkeeping Business.

We often get too wrapped up in the technical work thinking that is the most important part of running a business. The E-Myth unravels that thinking so you can create a sustainable business & meaningful life.

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Stop Overthinking

Oftentimes Overthinking is the biggest obstacle to creating a the business and life of your dreams.

Use this book to help get out of the overthinking loop so you can unleash your potential and start living.

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How To Write Copy That Sells

Let's face it, if you want to own a Solo Virtual Bookkeeping Business you are going to have to learn how to sell.

This books is the guide to writing copy that will help you.

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48 Days To The Work And Life You Love

While this book is written for people looking for jobs I used the smart ideas and applied them to creating my Solo Virtual Bookkeeping Business. Resulting in very quickly generating revenue and rapid growth my first year.

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