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Federal Trade Commission

Cyber Safeguards Rule


Team Reade Inc.

Cyber Safeguards Verified

Learn More About the FTC Cyber Safeguards Rule

Did you know that Accounting Firms and Bookkeeping Business must adhere to the FTC Cyber Safeguards Rule?


This means that no matter how big or small there must be an Information Security Program and business practices in place per the FTC Cyber Safeguard Rules set forth by the Federal Trade Commission.


This Certification is given to a firm that has been able to create, maintain, monitor, and rectify issues that are in alignment with the Safeguards Rule.


Team Reade Inc and Donna Reade has undergone an extensive audit to confirm they have been able to properly set up an Information Security Program that covers all required information and has a Certified Safeguards Technology Provider (Tech4Accountants) implementing the program.


Team Reade Inc and Donna Reade has passed an audit and is continuing to follow the best practices and rules that govern the Cyber Safeguards Standards


Earning Criteria

Team Reade Inc and Donna Reade has shown a commitment to cyber security, compliance, and protecting their customers' PII.


Undergo extensive audit to see the Team Reade Inc's and Donna Reade's own Information Security Program (ISP).


Provided proof of execution of ISP.


Team Reade Inc and Donna Reade has hired a Safeguards Technology Provider (Tech4Accountants) to oversee the policies and procedures in place.


All employees have undergone thorough security awareness training.


Documentation for choosing vendors is thorough and adequate.


Compliance dates and policies are laid out and followed by firm and technology provider.


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