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The Shocking Truth about Goal Setting

goal on fireOn this day exactly one year ago I decided that I would start writing a blog about my experiences working in and with businesses. Now setting that Goal was rather simple. I just decided that I would write a blog that would go out every Tuesday. However, having a goal and making it happen are two different things. It is actually much harder than I ever imagined and I had to develop new habits. One year later I have achieved things and grown in ways that I never even imagined was possible. All because I set a goal and did the work.

So here are some things to keep in mind as you set goals for yourself:

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Stop Trying to Discover Yourself, Embrace Yourself

Know thyself

How many times have you either told someone or someone told you, “I really just need to find myself.” We all have questioned if we’re on the right path or wondered if there’s something more out there for us at some point.

We are multi-layered.
However, in attempting to find ourselves or discover our passions, we sometimes forget about or lose an important piece of who we are.There’s a layer our parents help shape over the years, a layer our friends shape, our bosses, our significant others and so on. When people go out there to “find themselves,” they strip away those layers, desperate to find something, anything, in hopes of discovering who they are. However, once they peel back all those layers, they are left with…NOTHING.

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Be Someone’s Super Hero Today


My son loves Batman and only Batman. So while we were at the local comic book store getting him the newest issue, I asked him, “why only Batman? What about some of the other Super Heroes?” He looked at me like that was a no brainer question and answered: “because anyone can be Batman.” Without hesitation he went on to explain it this way. All the other Super heroes have special powers but Batman uses his brains, trains his body, has cool gadgets and helps to keep Gotham City safe. That’s a real Super Hero.”

Well I tell you my eyes welled up a bit, but I held it together. After all, he’s 12 and I already embarrass him enough anyway.

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