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Tweeting with a Purpose

art of tweeting

Some businesses and professionals have achieved great success including myself, using Twitter as a promotional tool; however, it must done artfully. I have learned that Twitter users tend to respond well to articles. It is important to tweet content on a consistent basis.

You need to be pro-active.       You need to be creative.

You need to use great marketing when you are tweeting about your content.

Develop a Twitter personality

  • Before you start setting up links to your own content, your users need to understand who you are in your bio.
  • Make sure your profile is set to “public.” This means people do not have to ask for permission to see your content and follow you.

Create a mixture of your new content and other types of content.

  • Post links to educational articles
  • Share your expertise.
  • Up-to-date professional training articles
  • Re tweet other peoples’ content.

Use #Hashtags

  • In my opinion Hashtags are the secret to growing your followers on Twitter.
  • For those who still don’t know what a hashtag is – basically, it’s a word or two behind a # that makes a common discussion subject.

Use @mentions

  • A mention is how you include Twitter users’ @usernames.
  • Using mentions you can send a tweet directly to followers or anyone on Twitter.

Use Images

  • Attach a really cool image that it relates to your content.

Thank people for sharing and commenting on your content

  • Respond to every comment, positive or negative, that you receive.
  • Use a simple “thank you for reading” reply to engage.

Here is the way I developed and use my Twitter
Please note that I only list out what I did to show you that with a little focused effort and a system you can use Twitter to reach your specific goal for your business. This also serves as a reminder that you do not need big numbers of followers just the right followers:

  • Started Twitter account: @donnareade50 in November 2014 – 0 Followers.
  • Developed a system of content distribution using blog posts, hashtags and followers content to tweet on a consistent basis.
  • Utilized TweetDeck for scheduling.
  • Engaged with followers who sent comments
  • Sent Thank you messages to everyone who became a follower with a call to action.
  • Filtered out undesirable followers – posts containing rude language and inappropriate pictures
  • Spend on the average of 10 minutes a day reviewing messages and posting new content.


  • As of May 2015 – 887 – quality followers around the world.
  • Now being paid to write articles for online publications.
  • Add an average of 6 quality followers every day.
  • Directly gained 4 new quality clients through the engagement tactics I used on Twitter.
  • Gain an average of 5 new subscribers to my email list every week.

Be patient with the process of developing followers and it takes some work to get started. It may take a few months to gather a good number of followers and successfully promote your content.

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