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The Truth about Growing an Email List

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Growing an email list is important because, much like your website, it’s one of the very few communication platforms that you own and connects you directly to your audience.


Your email list can help you:

  • Stay in touch with your audience.
  • Start building a more personal relationship with your audience.
  • Begin to establish trust with your audience.
  • Provide value that is going straight to a pretty sacred place: their inbox.

So you want the truth?
Sure, you can grow a list filled with thousands of subscribers in 3-6 months easily using paid Facebook ads, or by doing free iPad giveaways that attract anyone and everyone to sign up. However, the actual value of the list you are building comes when it is engaging and meaningful to the subscribers.

If you ask me, big numbers are not relevant when you’re growing your email list; what’s relevant is that you have an engaged, targeted list of people who actually want to hear from you.

Every single person and business entity in this entire world started with an email list of 0. It does not matter if you have 10 or 10,000 on your email list. The number is irrelevant unless they care about what you have to say.

Ways to start building your email list today.

  • Create meaningful content. No one is going to opt in to your email list unless you give them a reason why they should. When you’re creating meaningful content and it reaches people and touches them (via social media, through a Google search, in an email from a friend), they’re going to want more. Enter: your email list.
  • Guest post. Guest posting is incredibly underutilized. Research blogs where you can contribute meaningful content to their audience and then pitch them yourself. I have found that many blog owners are grateful to host a post or two to present different perspectives to their audiences.
  • Use your Social Media Channels. I get new subscribers to my blog everyday by regularly posting my content on LinkedIn and Twitter. By engaging and interacting just using those two platforms I have been able to grow my list 120% over the last six months. My articles are now read in over 50 counties every week and featured on various online publications.

Growing an email list takes time. You need to start writing and caring about what your audience cares about in order to start building it. Otherwise there won’t be a reason for them to subscribe. So first and foremost, you need to find out what it is your audience really wants and needs.

Then you must to exercise patience and DO THE WORK!