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7 Steps to Start Building Your Online Presence


Strategize – What are Your Goals?
It is important to understand what your business goals are both short term and long term. As you start to build and grow your online presence you should always be asking yourself how each of your efforts online are helping you take a step towards your business goals. Write Them Down!
That way when you are checking back on what you are doing online; the way you are spending your time, creating social profile and joining online communities you want to make sure so that it is helping you move forward.

Start Building a Solid Platform.
Many businesses depend on their websites however you can use social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook or even Twitter depending on your strategy. The website is a centralized place where people can learn more about you can contact you and engage with what you have to offer. You need to have a clear consistent message.

Always be Optimizing and Improving.
Just start and you should always be improving. Be on the lookout for new strategies, technology and your industry changes to update your online presence. Avoid being that person or company that puts up a web page or social media page and never does any updates.

Provide Consistent Valuable Content in Everything You Do.
Creating Consistent and valuable content will help you gain that credibility and authority in your niche or industry which is going to be integral in for your online growth and visibility. So how do you know what consistently you should have and how do you know if what you have is valuable or not. Your consistently is up to you. How do you know if it is valuable? Well just put it out there and how your audience responds. Always be looking for feedback then continue to improve.

Be Social.
Now this does not mean that you need to be on every social media channel. You should have 2-3 that you regularly engage; post on what is useful for you and your business.

Start Building Relationships.
Draw people into your world find a group or community of individuals that fit your audience. Joining the type of community has the potential to give you priceless insights into what your audiences biggest pain points are. Knowing this can help you pivot and deliver the exceptional content your audience wants and needs. You always want to start off in these communities by adding value first. They will want to learn more about you.

Track your progress.
New followers on Twitters
Facebook likes
Website Traffic
So you can see what is working for you.

Remember it takes time. It does not have to be perfect. The key to building your online presence is to Just Start!

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