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Tweeting with a Purpose

art of tweeting

Some businesses and professionals have achieved great success including myself, using Twitter as a promotional tool; however, it must done artfully. I have learned that Twitter users tend to respond well to articles. It is important to tweet content on a consistent basis.

You need to be pro-active.       You need to be creative.

You need to use great marketing when you are tweeting about your content.

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Learn from My Failure as a Duct Tape Business

duct tapeAre you a Duct Tape Business?

Does this sound like you?
At first, it’s kind of fun. You offer this thing you do. Someone buys it. Then you try something else. That works too. Bam, you have a business. After a while, there’s no time to plan because things are rolling along too quickly. So, you hire someone because you need someone. You tell them you need things done but they do not seem to meet your standards. There no time to train them because you are so busy and they should know what to do anyway you hired someone with experience.

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You Have the Information Now Use It

call to actionI talk with clients all the time about making sure they are collecting client and prospective client’s data. When I follow up to see how it is going the clients that actually take the time to get the data does nothing with it. They simply say they do not have time or know how to use the information to continue to engage the client, fan or follower. When I suggest setting up an email system I get the “I do not want to spam anyone” response; followed immediately by “that is a lot of work and I just do not have the time”. However, if you set up a system you are consistently and directly encouraging clients, fan and followers to come to your website and engage with your brand. So, it seems like a ton of work, but it’s not.

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