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Stop Trying to Discover Yourself, Embrace Yourself

Know thyself

How many times have you either told someone or someone told you, “I really just need to find myself.” We all have questioned if we’re on the right path or wondered if there’s something more out there for us at some point.

We are multi-layered.
However, in attempting to find ourselves or discover our passions, we sometimes forget about or lose an important piece of who we are.There’s a layer our parents help shape over the years, a layer our friends shape, our bosses, our significant others and so on. When people go out there to “find themselves,” they strip away those layers, desperate to find something, anything, in hopes of discovering who they are. However, once they peel back all those layers, they are left with…NOTHING.

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How to Handle a Sudden Business Closure

move onIn my many years of being in the workforce I have been through a number of acquisitions and closings. It is a rough time for everyone. It is hard to stay focused when you are worried about if you will have an income in a month. We all have bills to pay and many of us have families to take care of, but in times like this it is important not to lose your head.

So here’s what happened to me last week. On Monday morning at 7:00 am I arrived at my largest client’s office just like every other day for the past 18 months. I put my key in the door and it did not turn. Now sometimes the door stuck but this felt different. It was still a bit dark out so I pulled out my IPhone, turned on the flashlight and saw a shiny new lock.

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7 Steps to Start Building Your Online Presence


Strategize – What are Your Goals?
It is important to understand what your business goals are both short term and long term. As you start to build and grow your online presence you should always be asking yourself how each of your efforts online are helping you take a step towards your business goals. Write Them Down!
That way when you are checking back on what you are doing online; the way you are spending your time, creating social profile and joining online communities you want to make sure so that it is helping you move forward.

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What does an Online Presence actually mean?

Online presenceIn working with my clients and conducting workshops every week I am always asked about how I get people to read and comment on my articles in addition to growing my audience. My answer is always “I just decided to start”. After digging deeper into their question I have learned that they are confused by what an online presence actually means.

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