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What Does Your Perfect Day Look Like?

5 inner peace

It seems that some people have never clarified what a perfect day would be for themselves. You have to have aim and intention to have a phenomenal day.  It’s not that you can’t go with the flow, the bumps, the bruises, the struggles and hardships of life, but when you’re experiencing those you can still experience them from a place of presence, peace and enthusiasm.

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You do not get what you deserve. You get what you negotiate

Lots of individuals especially Entrepreneurs enter the professional world thinking that their hard efforts would be instantly recognized. They would never have to really lay out terms or be explicit about what they want. They mistakenly think that it would just be anticipated and understood. That is a nice Theory.

In Real Life you have to be your biggest champion and that is sometimes hard to do. We sort of feel our hard work will just be enough. You just have to get out there:

Voice what you want
• Be assertive
• Do not be afraid of rejection
• Shoot for the stars
• Ask for more
• Step up and get out of your comfort zone
All of that sounds easy but takes a lot and constant practice.

Do not assume
• people will know what you want.
• people will recognize your hard work
Above all DO NOT assume people will translate that into giving you more money or more responsibility.

You have to have the courage to be your own advocate.

How to Choose Your Business Structure

It’s an exciting time when you’re starting a new business. Dreams are high, ideas are flowing, and you’re ready to go guns blazing. But are you taking all the necessary legal steps before you launch?

Starting a business certainly tests your decision-making skills, and one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make in this process is selecting what kind of business structure is right for you.

The structure you choose will not only have legal and tax implications; it will also impact personal liability and the potential to raise funds for your business.

Here’s a breakdown of the different kinds of business structures:

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