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What to Avoid When Pitching Your Idea

deal breakersYou’ve finally gotten a meeting with the people who can turn your dream into a reality. You can’t wait to walk into that room and sell them your idea. Here’s one of the most important things you need to know: The buyer is not looking to say yes. They’re looking to say no.

The buyer sees dozens, hundreds, even thousands of people just like you every year. You’re a dime a dozen. For them, saying no is the easiest option. Saying yes involves risk — of their money and reputation — and it involves time, hassle, and responsibility. Saying no simplifies their life and lets them get on with their day. Basically, buyers are looking for any reason to turn you down.

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The Art of Pitching Your Idea

pitchingOkay so you have come up with a brilliant business solution that solves a problem, attracts new customers, improves processes or grows revenues, you’ll need buy-in from those who need your solution and possibly outside investors to turn your vision into reality.
Effectively pitching an idea can mean the difference between, well, swimming with the sharks and being eaten alive. These tips can help you create a winning pitch:

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Why do People still use Hashtags on LinkedIn?

linkedin hashtagsEvery day I still see people using hashtags on LinkedIn. More often than not those are the same people who describe themselves as Marketing / Branding / Social Media experts. Really? Using hashtags on LinkedIn has been obsolete for nearly 2 years.

I recently asked one of these people why they still are using hashtags. Their response was “Well I schedule everything in Hootsuite for Facebook it pushes it to LinkedIn.” It is hard to take someone who has that response as a credible Marketing/ Branding / Social Media Expert.

You can make some simple tweaks to your process and set yourself apart.

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If you Want to Reach Other Humans, Act Like a Human

be humanHow do you create a community that wants to hear what you have to say? You need to find your tribe — that unique group of fans, friends, and followers who resonate with your message.


But how do you actually do this? Where do you find those just like you who are waiting for your words? Here’s how in three steps:

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