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Declutter Your Mind So Ideas Can Flow

Brilliant… Poof! It’s Gone.

How many times as something like this happened to you? You’re taking a shower and suddenly the perfect solution pops into your mind. This solution will solve a major problem you have been having with a project at work. You toss it around in your mind, thinking about how happy your client will be once you present this to them.

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The Differences Between Cash and Accrual Accounting

cash-vs-accrual.-funnyWhen you start to keep financial records for your business, you’ll need to decide what method of accounting to use. There are two choices – the cash method (also known as cash basis accounting) and the accrual method (accrual basis accounting).

Here are the differences between these two accounting methods and what to consider when deciding which method is best for your business.

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The Zero Inbox


The Email Inbox is Just a Tool

Your email inbox is just a tool. Just because you have it and just because someone decides to send you something doesn’t mean you have to stop what you’re doing to answer it. There is a right way to use your email and a wrong way to use your email for increased productivity. Here is a way that will let you in on how to very simply and quickly to sort through your email inbox to accomplish a productive day.

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An Easy Monthly Checklist for Small Businesses

business checklistOwning and operating a business is the job that never ends. Even when you spend every waking hour attending to your business’s needs, you may still be left with items on your to-do list.

While every business has its own unique challenges and responsibilities, there are a handful of minor tasks every business owner should do to keep their business running strong. This monthly checklist will help you assess the complete health of your business. After going through each of the items outlined below, you should have a strong understanding of what your business is doing well and what can be improved.

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