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Be Someone’s Super Hero Today


My son loves Batman and only Batman. So while we were at the local comic book store getting him the newest issue, I asked him, “why only Batman? What about some of the other Super Heroes?” He looked at me like that was a no brainer question and answered: “because anyone can be Batman.” Without hesitation he went on to explain it this way. All the other Super heroes have special powers but Batman uses his brains, trains his body, has cool gadgets and helps to keep Gotham City safe. That’s a real Super Hero.”

Well I tell you my eyes welled up a bit, but I held it together. After all, he’s 12 and I already embarrass him enough anyway.

Last week while I was attending the 10th Anniversary Celebration of the Jacksonville Women’s Business Center, my son’s comments kept popping into my head. I looked around the room and realized many of the women attending where my heroes or “sheroes,” to be exact. None of these women have special powers, yet all have achieved success in their own way. These women are Super Heroes to me. They take time out of their busy lives to mentor, not only me, but countless others. They listen, laugh, offer ideas, help with problems, share stories from the trenches, even shed a few tears. Above all, they give back.

So this week, ask yourself, whom do you call your heroes or “sheroes”? You might be surprised to find they all have something in common.

Here are the common qualities of the Super Heroes in my life:

  • Believe in making a positive difference
  • See their life as part of that mission
  • Created or received a vision for their life (purpose)
  • They take action
  • Were told they couldn’t do it or faced other forms of oppositionTook unusual risks to succeed, in spite of that opposition
  • May have failed at first, but learned and grew from failure
  • Ultimately succeeded in realizing their vision
  • Impact many people
  • Gratefully share their knowledge, riches, and love with others.

I don’t know about you, but I’m confident, if we could emulate these qualities, we’d probably move closer to reaching our goals and become a Super Hero, too.

Join me in taking action. Reach out and thank those who are the Super Heroes in your life. Don’t send an email or a text. Pick up the phone, call them, send a hand written note – tell them what a difference they’ve made. Chances are, they may not even know how they have impacted your life.

Here are some people who can expect a call from me this week: Amy C., Janet H., Michelle M., Carolyn W., Jessica T., Jane S., Annie H., Florence H., Linda N., Joani M., Saundra J., Doug W., Kevin M., Johnny H., plus a few more that I will remember as the week progresses.

Remember the greatest way to honor those who have helped you, is by helping others so PAY IT FORWARD and dare to become a hero or heroine to some else.

Congratulations to the JWBC for 10 years of

support and empowering Super “Sheroes” to inspire us all.

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