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How to Move On After a Setback

56 - dealing_with_setbackThe chaos of life affects us all at some point in time. We get a setback at work. A setback in our relationship, in business and sometimes that setback can make you question everything. You freeze because you don’t know what to do. You are so emotionally wrapped up in the shock of what happened that you cannot think straight.

Here are 3 Tips I recently used to forge ahead when things got tough:

Accept Your Reality.
It’s not easy. But holding on…to why it happened is not going to help us move on after a setback. It only hurts, further debilitating our body from the forwardly motion that we so desperately need.

Some months ago, I suddenly found my income cut in half due to a client who suddenly became very toxic. I made the decision to immediately cut ties with that client. The consequence of this decision reduced my income business, which for any small business person is a big deal.

For a while I was paralyzed by this setback because I wanted to understand all the reasons “why” this happened. Why me? How could this happen? Did I do everything I could to prevent such a problem and how could this setback happen?

When you continuously focus on why that setback happened, guess what happens? You find plenty of blame but no authentic answers. Instead you get more pain, heartache and stress. This is because you get what you focused on.

After a few weeks of feeling down and out, something inside of me just got angry. I got mad at myself at being so down. Ultimately, I realized that what happened is in the past. I learned to let go and simply ACCEPT.

Remind Yourself Why You Are on the Path.
Any setback can make you question everything. The pain, stress and frustration makes us think twice about why we do what we do forcing our mind to ask difficult questions. Do I really want to be in this relationship? Why do I work so hard for this business? Is it really worth it?

These questions should not be ignored because that’s life’s way of reminding us why we are on this path. The idea here is to listen to those hard questions our mind has put in front of us and not to dwell on it but to forcefully answer it right back with strength and certainty. “I’m doing this because I believe…” This is the response that allows us to break free from the over thinking that can happen when those questions are posed. Setbacks are a test of our faith in ourselves and our purpose.

Put Your Energy into Something Useful – Get Right Back to Work.
One powerful way to break the pattern of over thinking when we encounter a setback is to identify something very specific to do that will be productive. And then just do it. Take massive action.

For myself during the time of the setback in my business, I dug in and refocused. Only then I was able to move forward towards the clients that would better benefit from the services that I provide.

Taking focused and massive action helps you to move on after a setback because it allows you feel certain again.

2 Responses to How to Move On After a Setback

  1. Joseph Ezenwa says:

    Donna,Your 3 tips are good and should be adopted so as people will be able to forge ahead after setback.It is better to learn from our setback.

  2. Donna Reade says:

    Thx as always for sharing this article about “Setback” vs “Comeback” Donna. Your willingness to “give” will be your greatest asset toward your inevitable result of “getting.” The best always………Danny Padgug