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7 Priorities For You To Re-Evaluate to Live a Happier Life

57- from-positivityOne of my biggest struggles in my day-to-day life is managing my priorities. And by that, I mean I take stuff wayyyy too seriously. Car bill due? I’m thinking about it all day. Carpet to vacuum? Also on my mental to-do list.

If you spend all your time prioritizing your responsibilities, you’re likely ignoring some things that are very important to your life. Like your family, your friends, your “you” time, etc.

Try out focusing on these 7 areas to see if you can achieve a happier life.

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Want to be Amazing at your Business?

55 - be amazingSuccess is hard work. It takes years, it takes time, and it takes money, blood, sweat and tears. It takes everything! It is lonely at the top but I think it is lonelier when you are in the middle trying to get to the top.

You need to be able to stand out as in stand above. Here’s how.

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The Ugly Truth about Owning a Small Business

Are you thinking about leaving your corporate job to start your own company? Have you already made the jump into business ownership? No question about it, leaving nice coworkers and a stable paycheck not to mention benefits, can be scary. I am with you. In 2008 I left my corporate job of 6 years. Looking back, it was the defining moment of my life. Up until that point earning an income had been relativity easy for me. Companies paid me to work and I did not have to worry about the bottom line.

Here is the truth. With the experiences and personal growth I have gone through in the last few years the fact remains that I am now so enamored of blazing my own trail that I could never go back. Now I work on my own terms and I am hopelessly, incurably, unemployable.

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How to Move On After a Setback

56 - dealing_with_setbackThe chaos of life affects us all at some point in time. We get a setback at work. A setback in our relationship, in business and sometimes that setback can make you question everything. You freeze because you don’t know what to do. You are so emotionally wrapped up in the shock of what happened that you cannot think straight.

Here are 3 Tips I recently used to forge ahead when things got tough:

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