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3 Tech Tools That Make Running Your Business Easier

Are you avoiding technology for your small business? Maybe you think it’s too expensive, too complicated, or will take too much time. The reality is that technology can be the path to efficiency and growth for your business. In fact, technology has become more affordable and can offer huge time savings, improving your ability to focus on running your business.

Here are three tech tools you can explore to make your business life easier and more efficient.

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Haven’t started your taxes yet? It’s ok, here’s what to do now

No one likes tax season, but unfortunately, you can’t ignore it altogether. And if that was your plan for this year, you could be looking at quite a hefty tax bill. But don’t worry, if you’ve been a bit negligent with your bookkeeping, all is not lost. There are still steps you can take to avoid owing the IRS all of your profits.

Just find the area that best describes the state of your books and I’ll tell you how to proceed.

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Are You Working For Free?

Every business owner knows this all important rule – a sale is not a sale until the cash is in your bank account.

When I am working with a clients to collect on past due invoices, I often call their clients to find out why invoices are not being paid. During one of these calls the business owner said “I am waiting for people to pay me before I pay you.” This person went on to tell me how no one is paying their invoices. I responded with a smile on my face and perhaps some laughter in my tone by saying, “I know there are clients that I have to call every week to pay their invoices.” They said they would drop off a check by the end of the week. This person was six months behind in paying and I talk to them every week.

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