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The Untold Truths about Business Software

Every business needs to use software to help maintain and run its’ processes. However, sometimes people get lost in the truth that the software is just tool created by people – Humans.

When there are situations that require some creative or (dare I say) even logical thinking, I am often perplexed when I hear the words “Well that is what the computer says.”

Here is why software alone does not lift your business:

Software has limited capability
Any software is just a tool with capabilities predetermined by developers—unlike people, it will never deliver what it wasn’t explicitly programmed to do. This limitation often deters businesses from thinking outside the box and expressing creativity—only services adjacent to software can offer perspective on ways to improve performance.

Software Implantation is the key
Without proper planning software depends a lot on what is actually implement. You should have a map of the current processes within your business, an idea of where the information is going to come from, as well as a scope of how you want your new Software system to handle your data in the future.

Updates are not always fixing issues. They sometimes create more
Minor updates typically address bugs or add simple feature enhancements for tool usability. They normally focus on specific technical changes, and do not address strategic business needs. Major releases are the best opportunity to achieve added business value. Unfortunately, cost to re-implement, retraining and other administrative issues impede your business from implementing major releases on a regular basis.

Software doesn’t manage anomalies and change
In most business, changes occur on a daily basis. Some of them may completely modify the business core vision, while others are just anomalies that need to be managed on the go.
As you can’t predict what challenges you will face in the future, you should remain flexible throughout all the ongoing software operations. Your business strategy and goals could be completely different in 3 or 5 years, so the need for a “beyond software” vision becomes critical.

Software doesn’t manage itself
People have to manage the implementation, update processes, and effectively use the software. A software project is never complete at go-live, but is at best the beginning of an ongoing value-adding process. This is the open door to an alternative to using software alone and many smart companies have been starting to do more by adding human expertise.

Finally, whether it’s the limited capabilities, the changes and updates, the lack of human touch or reaction in front of anomalies – all these issues lead to one simple conclusion: software is just a mechanism.

2 Responses to The Untold Truths about Business Software

  1. margret ruch says:

    thanks a bundle.

  2. Anita Sands says:

    You are correct – Software is simply a tool to help accomplish a task (or tasks) more efficiently. The software can only do what it has been “told” (ie: programmed) to do. It cannot think. As we use software we need to avoid falling into the habit of simply accepting the output the software provides. We still need to consider whether or not the output makes sense. And when we encounter a situation for which the software is not explicitly designed, we need to determine whether we can adapt what the software can do to accommodate the need or use an alternative “tool” to get the job done. Thanks for reminding us of this!