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Organization 101: Life and Business

chaosWhether we are business owners or working as part of a company team we are also parents, consumers, and home-owners, and it can sometimes be a struggle to juggle both our business and our personal lives. Being organized at work is a proven way for the small business owner to save both time and money, and it can also help to reduce stress along the way.

Here are four organizational tips that are easy to implement:

Use an Agenda or Organizer
Organized people aren’t always as naturally orderly as they seem – sometimes they’re just really good at writing things down.

Get in the habit of using a virtual or physical calendar to record appointments, pending bill payments, meetings, social events, birthdays, vacations, and anything else that makes up a typical day at home or the office. Block out specific time to deal with those less than desirable tasks you have been avoiding.

Make Time to De-Clutter
Spending time in a disorganized environment leads to feelings of stress, and not being able to lay your hands on what you need, when you need it, can cause homeowners and business owners feel overwhelmed and constantly on edge.

Regularly schedule the time needed to keep your clutter under control. Delete or archive old emails or voice messages and clear your desk of unnecessary items.

Don’t Let Correspondence Get the Better of You
Set aside a few minutes each day to deal with mail and other correspondence, rather than allowing it to pile up and get out of hand. If you stay on top of your messages and replies regularly, you’ll drastically cut down on the time it takes to open and organize the contents of your mailboxes – both virtual and physical.

Keep Chaos to a Minimum
A disorganized space makes for a disorganized … everything! If you’re forever losing your keys, consider setting up a go-to location for them on a hook just inside the front door. It will soon become the last place you leave them, and the first place you find them.

Similarly, implementing a good financial management program at work will keep all of your account information in one place and right at your fingertips, whether you choose to outsource your bookkeeping or set up and manage your own accounting software.