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What does an Online Presence actually mean?

Online presenceIn working with my clients and conducting workshops every week I am always asked about how I get people to read and comment on my articles in addition to growing my audience. My answer is always “I just decided to start”. After digging deeper into their question I have learned that they are confused by what an online presence actually means.

So here it goes:

An online presence is the sum of all the identities you have online both personal and professional. It includes the interaction that those identities have established or participated in online. So think about all the Social Media channels, websites, communities and groups you are a part of – that is your online presence. As you can see that is a very broad reach and that is why it is so powerful. Building an online presence sounds huge with a lot a moving parts. People often get paralyzed because they quickly become overwhelmed.

Building your online presence takes time. It is a process and takes patience. So you need to have the will to do work that might not immediately show you a return. All the while you are building momentum if you are providing consistent and valuable content that is helpful to your audience.

Building your online presence can be time consuming and frustrating because it does not happen overnight.

Building your online presence is important because it allows people to get to know you and build credibility. Growing your audience is about reaching people with valuable content. You allow them to know, like, trust and see you as the expert in your industry. You build credibility. They feel free to engage with you and you can provide them with more valuable content.

Building your online presence allows you to get your voice, your name and the content you have to offer that is when you are going to gain fans, followers, leads, clients and anything else you need for your business.

So if you do not know where to start you are not alone. There is a lot that goes into building your online presence from establishing your goals, to actually creating your different profiles and accounts, then figuring out best way to engage and interact across all of these different mediums so that they are work together. The key to building your online presence is to just start.

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