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Try These Easy Office Productivity Hacks for Great Results


How productive you and your team are during working hours has a direct impact on the quality of what you deliver.

Here are some ideas where you can make some small effort/big impact tweaks to increase your productivity. Any business should be able to implement these hacks with relative ease and great results.

Declutter the Office

It’s easy for even the most organized people to let their desks get cluttered by papers, food wrappers, gadgets, and everything else that makes its way into the office.

At the end of each week, encourage your employees to take some time to organize their spaces. It doesn’t have to be a full-scale cleaning job, just enough to give the place a good pick-me-up.

Take Time to Point Out Successes

Let’s face it: even at the most exciting companies, working through long projects can feel like a slog. Sometimes it’s hard to stay focused and enthusiastic when every day starts to seem the same as the last.

Keep your team energized and on task by keeping everyone regularly updated on each project’s progress. Knowing that they’re moving ever closer to completion and racking up successes along the way can be a major boost to morale, which is crucial to keeping workers engaged and committed.

Limit Meetings and Make the Most of the Ones You Have

Before you schedule a meeting that pulls everyone away from what they’re doing, ask yourself if it’s truly essential that everyone get together to talk.

If you do need to hold a meeting, send out a clear agenda beforehand and be sure to stick to it. If you’ll realistically only need 30 or even 15 minutes to cover what you need to, schedule that shorter block of time. Invite only the people for whom the issue at hand is truly relevant. These principles will help you run meetings that enhance productivity and show value for everyone’s time.

Have a Set Workflow and Managerial Structure

All too often, productivity is severely dampened simply because employees aren’t clear on what they’re supposed to be doing at a given time. Workflows do change based on changing circumstances in your business, but you should try to codify them as much as possible.

Clarify the chain of command: make sure everyone knows who they report to and avoid creating situations where employees feel like they have too many managers.

Encourage Activity

It’s hard to stay energetic and focused when you’re sitting in a chair all day long. Even during meetings, you may find that people can’t stay focused because they’re slouched in their seats. You can remedy this by outfitting your office with standing desks. These have had notable results in terms of improving employee wellness, and some anecdotal studies have strongly attested to the productivity benefits of these products.

If nothing else, give your employees the opportunity to get up and walk around or go outside for a while. Getting the blood pumping can do wonders for anyone’s creativity and productivity.

What You Can Do Right Now

Here are some simple ways to start today.
• Encourage employees to take regular breaks, especially active ones.
• Tidy up the office.
• Minimize meetings, and keep to a tight agenda for those that are necessary.

Productivity means everything to the success of your business. Take steps to foster your team’s productivity by boosting employee morale, encouraging healthier behaviors, and designing smarter workflows.


3 Responses to Try These Easy Office Productivity Hacks for Great Results

  1. Joseph Ezenwa says:

    Great Article.I believe that cleanliness is next to Godliness.So we need to keep our offices clean and as well declutter the office.We should pursue vigorously anything that will increase productivity at work place.Increase in productivity will result to increase in corporate bottom line

  2. William Vep says:

    Really enjoyed this article post.Really looking forward to read more. Will read on…

  3. I need someone to come clean my office. LOL.

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