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Five Accounting Apps to Be a More Efficient Business Owner

appsAs a small business owner, it’s important to learn how to work smarter, not harder. Assess what your day to day looks like. What aspects of your business are eating up most of your time? Which manual tasks can be simplified with technology? From accounting and bookkeeping to hiring and training employees, there’s a software or app that can reduce the time spent managing everyday business activities.


QuickBooks Online – QBO is widely received as one of the top accounting software for small businesses around the world. You can track your income and expenses, send invoices, and even pay your W-2 employees right from the platform. QBO also provides detailed reports, so you can see exactly how your business is performing in real time. A myriad of other robust features make QBO the choice accounting software for small businesses.

Gusto – If cashflow is the number one concern of small business owners, managing payroll and employees is a close second. Gusto is reimagining how modern businesses take control of payroll, benefits, and HR. With Gusto, it’s incredibly simple to process local, state, and federal payroll taxes. You can even offer benefits, workers’ compensation, and a 401k plan through the platform. And because Gusto lives in the cloud, you can eliminate employee paperwork and view all of your employees’ details in one place. – simplifies business payments and works seamlessly with your accounting software. You can minimize the time spent on bill approvals and payments and easily collect your receivables with ACH (Automatic Clearing House network), credit cards, or PayPal. removes the need for double data entry and offers electronic accounts payable and accounts receivable.

Expensify – Expensify is changing the game when it comes to expense reports. They’ve got a singular focus on automating everything – from submitting expenses to approving them and even delivering reimbursements next day. Every step is automated. It’s a clean and simple platform that removes the hassle of dealing with expense reports.

Hubdoc – Hubdoc is a file management software that allows you to import all your financial documents and export them into data you can use to improve your business. You can submit photos of receipts and paperwork and even forward emails from your inbox to be filed away. All of your documents are automatically entered as bookkeeping records.

When you let technology work for you, you’re taking charge of your productivity and working smarter. Accounting and business management software makes it easy to streamline all of your business processes. Cloud technology stores your business and employee information securely, and lets you access the information you need anywhere, anytime. And to top it off, all of these platforms are available on mobile, giving you more accessibility and freedom.

One Response to Five Accounting Apps to Be a More Efficient Business Owner

  1. Walter Tegelaar says:

    These apps are useful for a very small business but not one with stock involved or any complexity with regards to pricing, auto purchase ordering etc.
    Once a business is over $300,000 per year and has stock then it should use more advanced business software to improve profitability and business control.
    However a useful list for trades people and home businesses.