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The Embarrassing Truth About Sales

The days of the barrel-chested bully pushing you into a purchase are over. The charmer without substance now loses more than they win. Potential clients are more aware, more strategic and more educated.

We all need to take a breath and embrace the humbling – perhaps even embarrassing – truth:

No one cares about what you are selling.

So here are some ways to adjust your mindset:

• Sales, at its core. Is relationship building.
• Everybody no matter your title is in sales – Every night I have to sell to my son why he needs to brush his teeth.
• Trust is super important, but does what you are selling offer such earth shattering impact that it’s truly “front of mind” for your prospective client?
• Blowing the client away with results can only happen well after the sale is closed.
• Retain key clients by learning what they really care about.
• Strive to become the consultant rather than just another vendor.
• Know that in the pitching phase of sales, the client has other things on their mind.

Think about this potential client, who:

• Is worrying about their situation at home.
• How they were going to afford the pay for two kids in college at the same time.
• Trying to maneuver up the corporate ladder.
• Entertaining the possibility of responding to one of those headhunters offering greener grass someplace else.

Picture this person, with these concerns and many others, sitting across from you. You are on one side of the table is shooting for one of the biggest deals of your career and on the other of the table is a person who is just listening to yet another sales person interrupting their day. Once again, the embarrassing truth about selling is that the potential client rarely cares as much as you do.

Instead you should be engaging your client’s true concerns:

• The things people chronically worry about are, by definition, the things where they are getting the least support.
• There is a void that needs to be filled, where potential clients are not being served.
• The opportunity to engage and connect is enormous.
• Your prospective clients are not sitting around meditatively contemplating your products and services, so what are they dwelling on?
• How can you help?

Once you have answered these questions, you will crush the sale.

2 Responses to The Embarrassing Truth About Sales

  1. Francis Chambers says:

    Great article! Keep up the good writing.

  2. So true. We are always selling… even our kids to brush their teeth and eat vegetables. I love that your focus on sales is connection and service – focusing on the questions that really count so customers see that you have their best interests at heart.