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3 Tech Tools That Make Running Your Business Easier

Are you avoiding technology for your small business? Maybe you think it’s too expensive, too complicated, or will take too much time. The reality is that technology can be the path to efficiency and growth for your business. In fact, technology has become more affordable and can offer huge time savings, improving your ability to focus on running your business.

Here are three tech tools you can explore to make your business life easier and more efficient.

Everyone knows about Google, right? But it’s not just for internet searches. Google’s GSuite is a set of intelligent apps including Gmail, Docs, Drive, and Calendar that let you connect all the people in your company, no matter where they are. All your information is available in the cloud at all times, so any document, form, or schedule you need is at your fingertips. And GSuite is priced with small businesses in mind. Starting at $5 per user per month, it offers a lot of functionality for its price.
It’s just what it sounds like: You can set up both audio conferencing calls and online meetings (webinars, screen-sharing, etc.) for free. Premium features like a custom greeting, custom hold music, and toll-free audio are available at minimal charges. also has a business service called StartMeeting. For $6.95 per user/month (user, not participant), you get HD audio conferencing, videoconferencing, a personalized greeting, and hold music. International dial-in supported; no download required by participants.

Get organized, manage your to-do’s, keep track of deliverables, and more. Think of Trello as a virtual bulletin board that helps you manage tasks. Create various boards and add “cards” to them based on what needs to get done. Set due dates, add notes, attach documents or photos, and make assignments directly to your staff and they’ll get notified. Trello offers a variety of plans, and getting set up can be free for individuals and small teams. Again, all that information is magically stored in the cloud so you are never without your to-do list, no matter where you are.

“Digitally advanced” small businesses have the advantage over their non-digital peers. And mobile apps, which can help you get rid of all that paper. So, what’s holding you back?