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Business Is Unprofitable? Proceed With Confidence

confidenceAt some point, your small business may become unprofitable. Maybe not overall, but during a month or a small period of time, you will most likely post a loss.
That can be a stressful situation for a small business owner. When your business is unprofitable, you have a decision to make: give up or proceed.

When your business is unprofitable, here is how you can proceed with confidence.

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How to Write a Business Plan

small-business-ideaIf you want to be taken seriously, you need to put thought into what it will take for your idea to actually be a successful business. You need a plan.

A business plan is a document where you outline your concept and strategy for success. It provides an overview of your potential company – what it will do, how it will generate revenue, what expenses it will incur, and who will be involved in running it.

Here are a few reasons why you should write a business plan:

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Are You Killing Yourself With Long Hours? Focus On Working Effectively

overworkedAre you working really long hours in your small business? Do you have a long to-do list that just keeps getting longer? Does 5pm come you find yourself thinking, “Where did the day go? What did I even accomplish today?”

If you answered yes to any of those questions, you are not alone as a small business owner. It can be tough juggling everything that needs to get done in your business.

If you analyze what you are actually working on in your small business, you may find that you are working on all of the wrong things.

So instead of focusing on working as many hours as possible, try focusing on working more efficiently and effectively. Here are some tips below:

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