D. Reade PictureI was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA and survived 12 years of Catholic School.  When I was 11 years old I began my entrepreneurial career with a paper route.  When I turned 16 I needed to earn enough money to pay the insurance for so my parents would let me drive so I began a part time job with a McDonald’s franchise.  Within a couple years that I ended up graduating from “Hamburger University” and continued to grow within the franchise. Over the next decade the franchise grew from 10 McDonald’s to 25 McDonald’s and became one of the top franchise organizations for McDonald’s Corporation.  Working with my partners we developed new menu products, systems / processes, and marketing strategies for the Los Angeles market. My role allowed me to serve on the Board of Directors of the Ronald McDonald Children’s Charities. In 1994 I was honored with the Ray Kroc Award for Excellence. In 2000 the franchise was broken apart and sold.

During my tenure at the McDonald’s Franchise I attend UCLA and earned an Accounting Degree.

In 2002 I accepted a position as a Regulatory Accountant with Fidelity National Financial.  I earned a Six Sigma Black Belt and became licensed to trade stocks and bonds. In my work with FNF. I coordinated regulatory reporting with the various Departments of Insurance, Attorney Generals and numerous other regulatory agencies.  In 2008 I left the Fortune 500 world to go back to my roots and pursue an entrepreneurial path.  Since 2008, I have bought, built and sold several retail and wholesale companies.

In 2011 I created Team Reade LLC to use my experience and expertise in accounting and bookkeeping to help other business owners. I specialize in using QuickBooks Online to work with my clients in to keep accurate, timely and clean financial records. I offer consulting services focused towards companies that need help invoicing clients and cash flow management.  My clients are located around the world.